Best of Calgary 2017 - ATB Business Day

Making an Impact in a Time of Change

May 30, 2017 - 8am to Noon at Bella Concert Hall

  • Tuesday 30th of May, 2017 // 8:00 AM

    Come early to purchase samples from some of our “Best Breakfast” and “Best Coffee” winners and runners up, before our programming begins.

  • Tuesday 30th of May, 2017 // 9:00 AM


    Chett Matchett

    ATB Financial’s Chett Matchett leads a team of change makers that are all mandated to transform banking. She has done this by creating an environment of innovation, for her team to build, test, and launch new business models within financial services. Driven by her curiosity and passion to make banking work for Albertans, she is most excited when strategy, connection(s), and creativity intersects with execution and partnership. Recognized by Avenue Magazine in 2016 as one of the Top 40

  • Tuesday 30th of May, 2017 // 9:20 AM

    Panel Discussion: The Importance of Social Innovation in Building a Business

    Dave Cree

    Cofounder & CEO of CMNGD. 

    CMNGD (pronounced COMMONGOOD) is a local linen service tailored to the hospitality industry, providing transitional employment & mentoring to people facing poverty and homelessness.

    Lourdes Juan

    Director of Hive Developments, Founder of the Leftovers Foundation. Hive is an urban planning and community outreach company. The Leftovers Foundation is a non-profit organization that rescues excess perishable food and delivers it to service agencies in need. 

    Colin Smith

    Founder and Leader of Green Event Services

    Sharon Hapton

    Founder of Soup Sisters

  • Tuesday 30th of May, 2017 // 10:00 AM


    Sponsored by TEC Canada

    Kendal Netmaker

    One of Canada’s top entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, Netmaker is the founder of clothing brand Neechie Gear – a lifestyle apparel brand that empowers youth through sports. He recently launched Netmaker Enterprises, which focuses on helping people to turn their passion into a business.

  • Tuesday 30th of May, 2017 // 10:30 AM

    Coffee/Tea break

    Sponsored by ATB Financial, featuring Analog Coffee and Fiasco Gelato

  • Tuesday 30th of May, 2017 // 11:00 AM

    Panel Discussion: The Generational Shift in Giving Back

    Jim Button

    Founder and Co-Owner of Village Brewery

    George Brookman

    CEO of West Canadian Industries

    James Boettcher

    Chief Idea Officer & CEO, Fiasco Gelato - A man of passion and enthusiasm, James is someone who will always make you leave a little brighter than when you arrived. As an ambassador not only for Calgary, but the small businesses that exist within. James looks to influence the community in ways that will add vibrancy  and encourage collaboration. 

    Breanne Sich

    Bre is the Community Leader & Digital Marketing Manager for Mealshare - a social enterprise aimed at ending youth hunger. Last year she was awarded Avenue Magazine's Top 40 under 40, and is constantly finding new ways to be involved in the Calgary Community.

  • Tuesday 30th of May, 2017 // 11:35 AM

    Innovation Matters - An Interview with Brad Zumwalt

    Brad Zumwalt

    President of Zinc Ventures and one of the founders of Social Venture Partners Calgary, a unique non-profit funding partnership that combines a venture capital approach with local philanthropy.

  • Tuesday 30th of May, 2017 // 12:05 PM


    Adam Legge

    Adam Legge joined the Calgary Chamber as the President + CEO in September of 2010.

    Adam is a strong believer in a vibrant and healthy business community and the role that it plays in the overall prosperity of the city. His focus at the Calgary Chamber is to ensure that the environment exists for all businesses to be successful.

  • Tuesday 30th of May, 2017 // 12:30 PM

    Wrap Up