Best Breakfast or Brunch - Blue Star Diner

By Diana Ng // Thursday 8th of September, 2016 // 11:24 AM
photo by bre

Calgarians love brunch. Just roll up to any diner on a Saturday morning and the lineup out the door will prove this. But, not all diners are created equal.

Blue Star Diner, located in the charming and community-focused Bridgeland neighbourhood, was chosen as the best spot for breakfast and brunch for good reasons. Sure, eggs prepared exactly how you like them, a good cup of coffee and a laid-back vibe is a winning recipe for brunch, but it takes more to win hearts in a neighbourhood with three breakfast standout places within a few blocks of each other. To owner Shayne Perrin, what takes the brunch experience from good to memorable is the sense of human connection.

“Our focus has always been to create a community, to connect with people through food. That’s why we have really close relationships with all our suppliers. I know everything that’s on all the plates, the name of who brought in the tomatoes and the beef. It adds a connection for the customers when they see the names of the people who are supplying the food.”

The connection Perrin talks about goes beyond the one between the supplier and the customer, but also between customers and staff. “Our staff feel like they matter and feel like they’re a part of something bigger and that shines through in the quality of food,” says Perrin.

Furthermore, Blue Star is a strong supporter of the Mealshare program, being involved since Day One to help provide meals to youth in need.

Of course, it’s more than just the sense of community that fuels that success of Blue Star. Chef Jarod Traxel takes the grease out of greasy spoon fare, updating classic dishes with more contemporary ones like stuffed French toast with local red potato hash brown and grilled cheese made with homemade bison chili and Sylvan Star cheddar.