Best Educational Institution

By Mandy Balak // Monday 29th of May, 2017 // 8:01 AM

Whether you're looking to attend post-secondary as a new high school graduate or looking to advance your career with further education, Calgary has many noteworthy schools to choose from.

Mount Royal

Stationed on a former air force base, Mount Royal University offered one of the first aviation programs that integrated an academic diploma program with flight training. MRU certainly has a history of offering unique programs. Back in 1996, students taking the “Introduction to Government and Politics” class were offered two packages: the “all-inclusive,” where a student would be graded on their quality of work, and the “basic,” where a student could opt whether or not to attend classes and hand in work at their own pace. The highest mark achievable in the “basic” package would be a C+. MRU continues to offer a variety of programs including Bachelor’s degrees, university transfers, and diplomas. There’s also some pretty cool alumni that graduated from MRU including Paul Brandt (most awarded male Country singer in Canada), Bret Hart (pro-wrestler) and Alison Redford (former Premier of Alberta).

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s top research universities and is the birthplace of some important inventions including the neurochip. Besides offering a stellar education, U of C’s Bermuda Shorts Day (BSD) has got to be a deciding factor for new students. BSD is the annual end-of- term tradition where students wear Bermuda shorts and other fun, bright and ridiculous outfits. BSD is a huge day party and a cornerstone event of student life. The research-intensive university has a strong sense of community and offers hundreds of programs for its 30,000 students. And there are some notable alumni that have come out of U of C including James Gosling (inventor of the Java programming language), Stephen Harper (our former Prime Minister of Canada), Garret Camp (Co-founder of Uber), and Naheed Nenshi (our beloved Mayor).


Celebrating 100 years, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) first opened with the purpose to retrain wounded First World War veterans. One hundred years later, SAIT offers programs in technology, trades and business. SAIT’s skill-oriented programs cater to more than 50,000 Calgarians each year. SAIT also has a Culinary Campus located on Stephen Avenue, in the heart of downtown. The campus provides baking and cooking classes and has a marketplace where SAIT’s next generation of professional chefs create fresh lunches and delectable pastries. The Market at the Culinary Campus is the perfect place to grab lunch or a fresh, decadent cookie to go with your afternoon coffee.



Written by: Aman Bains

Leaving behind Vancouver in the quest for cowboys, sunshine and love, Am now calls Calgary home. Her talents include picking the perfect avocado, brunching like it's a sport, and expertly styling her bar cart for every season.