Best Late Night Eats After 1 am - Tubby Dog

By Diana Ng // Tuesday 20th of September, 2016 // 8:16 AM

We were wrong all along. Neither pizza nor donair is the best late night snack food; hot dog is, and we’re not talking about Oscar Meyer wieners either. We’re talking about Tubby Dog’s hot dogs, loaded with imaginative toppings.

Located right on the bustling 17th Avenue strip, family-owned Tubby Dog has been satisfying late-night, post-beers cravings for 11 years with its selection of wild hot dogs that include the bestselling A-bomb (a hot dog topped with cheese, bacon, mayo, mustard, ketchup and potato chips), the wacky peanut butter and jelly hot dog, and the Japanese-inspired Sumo (made with pickled ginger, wasabi, Japanese mayo and seasoned seaweed).

Don’t mistake convenience, simplicity and novelty for a lack of quality, however. Owner Jon Truch approaches the humble fast food like any restaurant chef would approach a dish before putting it on the menu. He travels regularly to research trends, techniques and ingredients, and tests the recipes until he’s happy with the results.

Hot dogs at Tubby are steamed with a traditional steamer from Montreal, the wieners themselves are sourced from a supplier that makes them especially for Tubby Dog, ensuring a consistently high quality, and the chili used on its signature hot dog is made in-house. While it’s still a processed food, a lot of attention goes into making as much from scratch as possible to take the mystery out of mystery meat.

Hot dogs aren’t the only menu items that attract customers to Tubby Dog. On Tuesdays, it features authentic Mexican street-style tacos that make a Tuesday almost as good as a Friday. While Truch himself may not be Mexican, he was taught how to make the dish (available in beef, pork, chicken, beef tongue, or beans and cheese) traditionally, served on double layer corn tortillas, with raw onions, cilantro and fresh lime.

Lastly, there’s the Tubby burger, served on Wednesdays with a different special feature every week.

Where many longstanding restaurants may experience a dip in consistency over time, with changing suppliers, chefs, or business focus, Tubby Dog has managed to uphold its standard with minimal changes to the menu and ingredients. In fact, this little hot dog joint has been featured on Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here.

It may not be feel-good late-night food, but the taste, selection and quality of Tubby Dog’s offerings are certainly worth the guilt come the morning.

Tubby Dog

A Calgary classic over on 17th Ave, Tubby Dog has been the go-to late night eats for locals since it opened in 2005. Whether you are a classic A-Bomb fan or more adventurous and go for the Sherm’s Ultimate Gripper, there is the perfect combination of dog and bun for everyone. If you’re going up on a Tuesday, they serve their Tubby Tacos until late, and who can say no to tacos? They are open “really late” on the weekend, making it the perfect place to head to when you’re looking for a delicious late night eat.