Best Open Mic or Jam Night - Ship & Anchor

By Elizabeth Chorney-Booth // Friday 30th of September, 2016 // 8:59 AM

For a lot of people the words “open jam” are cringe worthy, but the Ship and Anchor has always had a strong music culture, both through hosting shows and giving local musicians a place to drink on their nights off. Hence, the Ship’s Saturday Open Stage Jams aren’t actually a free-for-all where pub goers are forced to sit through the noodling of amateur musicians who otherwise couldn’t get a gig — the shows are more like community events where local heroes lead the pub through an afternoon of music.

The Open Stage shows are on Saturdays from 2-6, with a headliner and a guest each playing proper sets and some open stage time scheduled in between (often with buddies of the scheduled bands making appearances). It’s casual without being sloppy, with friends and families (often including kids) and tends to feel more like a well-organized house party rather than a day out at a bar.

Which is ultimately what’s at the heart of the Ship and Anchor’s popularity. It’s a house party — you may not know everybody (or even anybody) when you walk through the door, but before long you feel like you’re part of the gang. Which is exactly what a public house should be