Best Pizza: The Ultimate Comfort Food

By Mandy Balak // Monday 29th of May, 2017 // 8:27 AM

When you take your first bite of pizza, there are two things you are looking for: that ooey-gooeyness and ultimate crunch. If you get this right you know you’ve found it - that perfect piece of pizza. After wandering around the city for the best slice of this comfort food you find these Calgary gems; truly delicious and they offer a little something unique for your special date night.

Una Pizza & Wine

This is more than a pizza spot, it’s an art haven. Una showcases a liveliness with its array of artistry displayed on the walls. There is an instant feeling of excitement that rushes through you in this bustling, intimate space. You can’t make a reservation but this constantly busy spot will delight all your senses. My go-to is the margarita plus you can add a little oomph to it with pieces of delicious shaved pineapple. They have tasty roasted broccoli to compliment the wine of the week and other mouthwatering specials such as a buffalo chicken pizza. Hit up this need to- have pizza & wine bar next time you’re down on 17th Ave.

Without Papers

The quirky red door instantly captures your attention as you head into Without Papers hidden within the characteristic neighbourhood of Inglewood. There is more to the pizza here than the dancing flavours, there is entertainment. This Italian pizzeria is set up so you can watch the pizzaiolos twirl and flip the dough as you sip on a beer or cocktail. There is a nostalgic feeling of being at the drive-in movies while you sit and enjoy wild and wacky motion pictures projected on the walls. Imagination becomes reality as you bite into the pizza. The Shroom pizza is pure bliss for the mushroom lover and The Cheesecake is the ultimate captivator for the dessert lover. You’ll definitely want to come back for more.

Double Zero

With a funky vibe, this space can be entered down spiraled steps to an engaging cave-like atmosphere or through a modern open space after a day of shopping. There are two locations, one in the heart of downtown, the other in Chinook Mall. Both spots offer hearty bowls of pasta, salads, food from the grill and of course, pizza. Pizza at Double Zero is made with doppio zero or double zero flour which creates a finer texture and lower gluten content. The secret, it has been said, is in the flour. This restaurant truly considers all types of eaters, like their bianco pizza which is pizza served without tomato sauce letting you delve into caramelized onion or roasted garlic as your base. If you want a pizza to suit your personality Double Zero is sure to make this happen.



Written by: Natascia Vervena

I am a creative soul with a passion for the arts; a writer, with a love of theatre; a traveller in search of adventure. I am unique and intricate, always embracing each moment. I glance at something and see deep inside. I want to see what this city has to offer me and share my experiences with you so open my writings up and you will find a piece of me, written, my inner artistry.