Best Thai Restaurant: Venturing into Thai Culture

By Mandy Balak // Monday 29th of May, 2017 // 8:45 AM


Thai culture is alive with energy and the heartwarming people make you feel right at home in their world. The flavours of coconut, pineapple, curry and lemongrass are prominent in this cuisine, making it one of my favourites. If you want to take a fictitious trip to Thailand with your loved ones for the night then follow your nose. The aromas and spices of these top three Thai restaurants located in varying quadrants of the city will transport you and your senses to Asia.

White Elephant Thai Cuisine

Hidden in a dodgy hotel in the middle of the North East is an experience not to be missed. You might be wondering why you keep heading to this shady location with its dark exterior but your nose knows it is leading you in the right direction. As you arrive you instantly breathe a sigh of relief. Inside this building is a cute space that comes alive with colour and Southeast Asia décor. White Elephant opens at 5pm and closes at 8pm but you will be waiting for a table if you do not get here by 5pm. It’s worth the wait though, the flavours of this cuisine are the closest thing to Thailand in this city. The portions are huge and the prices are low for the amazing quality that is served. My recommendations are the Thai Iced Tea, a curry and Green Papaya Salad. This is by far the ultimate authentic Thai food exploration in Calgary.

Thai Sa-On

One of the things that set Thai Sai-on apart from other Thai restaurants is the number of vegetarian dishes, ensuring everyone is offered something to suit their tastes. You can try the Tao Hu Tod, deep fried tofu that crunches with flavour in your mouth. For the meat eater, Kra Moa Kai, spicy chicken cooked with basil leaves will leave you craving more. Dessert lovers will be happy to see ice cream on the menu. The Thai Sa-on ice cream is homemade and you get to choose between coconut or mango; coconut being my favourite. The location for this spot is in the centre of downtown so there is sure to be lots to do before and after dinner too!

Chili Club Thai House

Located atop the 17th Avenue hill South West is a modern Thai restaurant that has been cooking up beautiful dishes that are more like works of art for eleven years now. The kitchen puts so much care into what they are providing that it will captivate your eyes and stomach. The dishes taste just as good as they look with each bold flavour coming through. One of my favourite dishes here is the Sya Rong Hai or Crying Tiger matches its name, emitting a bold spicy flavour with a zing of ginger. There are so many options, from the Tom Kha Gai soup with its jumpy coconut flavours to the Poh Pai Tod, spring rolls giving a crunchy texture to your food. Don’t let the drab outside of this restaurant deceive you because you will quickly realize you have hit one of the best Thai restaurants in YYC.

Thailand awaits!



Written by: Natascia Vervena

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