Tubby Dog

A Calgary classic over on 17th Ave, Tubby Dog has been the go-to late night eats for locals since it opened in 2005. Whether you are a classic A-Bomb fan or more adventurous and go for the Sherm’s Ultimate Gripper, there is the perfect combination of dog and bun for everyone. If you’re going up on a Tuesday, they serve their Tubby Tacos until late, and who can say no to tacos? They are open “really late” on the weekend, making it the perfect place to head to when you’re looking for a delicious late night eat.  

1022 17th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB

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  • Best Late Night Eats After 1 am - Tubby Dog

    We were wrong all along. Neither pizza nor donair is the best late night snack food; hot dog is, and we’re not talking about Oscar Meyer wieners either. We’re talking about Tubby Dog’s hot dogs, loaded with imaginative toppings.

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